About Us

We are a startup based in Mumbai simplifying packaging solutions for Indian Retail Stores, Foodchains, Clothing, Quick Ecom market etc. Currently we are supplying Paper bags and pouches from small stores to big chains. Soon to expand with more products in the same category paper packaging.

All our products are 100% recyclable and made from certified paper. We have secondary packaging solutions for all market segments i.e Paper SOS bags, V bottom bags, Paper bags with Handle, Mailer Bags and Speciality Coated Bags. Our Paper bags are foodgrade certified for all usage in restaurants, sweet shops and food chains.


Due to the recent single use plastic ban on many products the packaging sector has seen a growth in the usage of paper products. Out of many products the most in demand is the grocery bags i.e paper bag with a square base. This product is highly used in the western countries, Indian market never felt the need to use these paper bags due to cheap & effortless availability of plastic carrybags.

These bags have a very affordable pricing compared to other plastic alternatives like cotton bags. They can be crafted into the required sizes ranging from small to big. The paper available is recycled kraft and virgin paper which expands the applications of the Bag. They have too many uses all credits to huge Indian market & the opportunity it serves right from small retail store to large shopping/grocery mall.


India’s packaging industry is the fifth largest sector in its economy and is one of the highest growth sectors in the country. According to PIAI -Packaging Industry Association of India, the sector is growing at CAGR 22% to 25%. Over the last few years, packaging industry has been an important sector driving technology and innovation growth in the country and adding value to the various manufacturing sectors including FMCG and agriculture segments. According to the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP), the packaging consumption in India has increased 200% in the past decade, rising from 4.3 kg per person per annum (pppa) to 8.6 kg pppa as on FY20.


Western World

Western World The western countries have swiched to paper products long ago starting from the 90s, with this move to make paper bags to use more often everywhere, It has become culture in most of USA, Southern American countries, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many more.

While we still struggle to find answers to our packaging solutions, Many startups are working on sustainable packaging and delivering solutions in India with focus on reusable and biodegradable packaging. Yet somewhere this gap to deliver solution for basic and most active sectors in retail remains unfulfilled. In up-coming year we'll surely grab this market & make the most of it.