Square Bottom Paper Bags, also known as Grocery, Takeaway bags, SOS (Self Opening Sacks) Bags, These bags are completely machine made using strong water based glue SOS bags are uniquely crafted bags with square bottom and gusseted sides. These paper bags are made in different sizes as per market requirements and have variety of usage in groceries, retail stores and food chains.

Square Bottom Paper Bags

About Details
Paper Brown-White-MG-Bleach Kraft Paper
GSM 60-120 GSM
MOQ 25,000pc
Print 1-4 Individual Colors
Print Area All Sides (100% customization)
Delivery time 12-15 Working Days
Uses Groceries, Retail Stores and Food Chains
Sizes 4W x 2.5G x 6.5H
13W x 6G x 17H inch
*download the brochure for more details